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AntiVirus Movie is online for Screening

Hi there my friends :)

AntiVirus Movie poster

Pathogen, a company specializing in innovative Digital medicine, is in crisis. The Ministry of Health refused human testing of Pathogen's groundbreaking digital vaccine and Pathogen is on the verge of bankruptcy. Micah, the vaccine's creator, fires the CEO, Ram. To save Pathogen, Ram's PA makes a deal with a mysterious investor. As part of the deal, she releases a contagious deadly virus to the employees. Micah's girlfriend, Orly, a cop, arrives and becomes involved in the scandal, liaising between Pathogen staff and the cops outside who have quarantined the building, planning to 'put down' all infected employees including Micah to avoid global disaster. Shira, a Pathogen scientist, develops a cure just in time, saving Micah and preventing a global tragedy.

AntiVirus Movie Awards Winning feature film


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