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10 Years ago - With good intent

Ten years ago, I graduated from film school and went on the adventure of making my graduation film "With Good Intent". This short film did so great, It was shown on TV on the MGM channel and on other Israeli channels and Some festivals around the world. In October 2008, I submitted the Rough-cut of the film to the Icon film festival film and it won an Award, which enabled it to become the final Cut of the film. Rotem Moriah foundation which was manage at that time by Zaki Moria who believed in the potential of the film, gave the awards at the festival and invested in my film: a new editing by Yaad Kimchi and an original soundtrack and score by Amit Shemen. When the film was finished, Rotem Moriah foundation distributed the film all over the world. I decided to donate the prizes and money back to the foundation and to allow other students like Me to make their film against all odds.

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