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My New Feature film The Composer

Sorry for been very busy lately working on my new feature film The Composer | המלחינה# which i Directed it and produced it with Matan Melech. You know in Indie film making we need to do everything by our self, and sometimes we forget the impotent things like Proudly present it to you:

So here it is... The Composer!!!

Whats the story is about...

An abduction story that begins with extreme ideology and ends with passionate vengeance and destruction.

Sarah, With the assistance of Yonatan, the psychopathic, right-wing radical and Ehud, an outsider, that his life goals are to be excepted by society and to find a woman to marry, kidnap Muhamad to a remote house.

On the surface, it seems that for the three, the purpose of the abduction is to extort an olive grove as a ransom from Muhamad's family.

But things aren't as they seem. Each and everyone of them have a different plan of what to do with Muhamad. Sarah wants revenge. Ehud wants to please Sarah and by that to gain her heart and Yonatan is after fulfilling his dream of joining a right-wing extremist organization. So extreme that it doesn’t even exist.

As time goes by. many questions rise as the plot branches and thickens. Muhamad understands that his only way out of this situation is to become friends with his abductors. But which one of the three?

Outside, the pressure strengthens by the police force, searching for a gun Sarah had stolen a few days back and by Moses, a snoopy neighbor that keeps questioning and trying to understand what is going on inside the house. Until something goes very wrong with the abduction that leads to a Disaster.

So stay tune for more exciting things about the composer here at my blog.

See ya soon my friends

Alon Newman

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